Japanese Girl Group Perfume Share Their Cherished Scent Memories and Skin-Care Routines


Futuristic ’80s movies anticipated 2019 could be entire with flying motors, robot apparel, and enormously practical holograms — and that vision becomes a fact every time Perfume takes the level. Their electro-pop tunes, hello-tech units, light-up clothes, and bionic-like choreography bring futuristic fantasy to lifestyles. Coachella 2019 changed into no exception. Back in April, Perfume became the primary Japanese girl institution formally to perform in the music competition.

Japanese Girl

The institution can be making records in America. However, Perfume has been inside the song recreation since the early 2000s. A-Chan, Nocchi, and Kashiyuka shaped their trio as excessive schoolers in Hiroshima and rose to repute in 2007. They have continuously added fundamental things I look for in a female organization for almost two years: signature looks and live shows that double as nonsecular stories.

While in New York City on their recent world excursion, I got to take a seat down with Perfume to speak approximately all things beauty, consisting of, but no longer restricted to, properly, fragrance. Honestly, I desire this turned into a video interview because A-chan had me cracking up with dramatic reenactments of her most outstanding heady scent-associated reminiscences and dream splendor technology gadgets. Alas, I’ll do my satisfactory to use my words to describe both instances and relax my time with the institution.

Perfume’s signature seems.

For the ones unacquainted with Perfume, one of the organization’s defining elements is its members’, for my part, wonderful aesthetics. Since around 2007, all of them have stuck to specific hairstyles. I lately noticed a photograph of them from 2011 and have sworn it changed into taken this yr. That’s how stringently the trio has adhered to their looks. Nocchi continually has a chin-length bob. “At one factor, I truly had lengthy hair,” she recalls. “But I saw a photo of all three people coated up and notion it become a touch too heavy, so I determined to reduce my hair.” Nocchi loved the result a lot, that she’s saved it up ever since. Every three weeks, she receives her bob cut to preserve it brief and glossy. When my eyes widen at her trim frequency, she asks if it’s loads. My hair is similar, so I tell her I regularly get too lazy, and handiest go to the salon every two months or so. “I’m like that a little bit, too,” she admits.

As for Kashiyuka, “I’m the one with the bangs and first-rate directly, long hair,” she says. When she says long, her manner waist period, it’s as majestic in man or woman as you may imagine. Surprisingly, Kashiyuka says she makes use of the same amount of shampoo as anyone else. However, she estimates that she requires one extra pump of hair remedy than the common man or woman. The drying procedure takes about half-hour, and at night, Kashiyuka ties her hair right into a low bun to shield it from harm. Her blunt bangs require a considerable amount of preservation, too. Every week, she receives them trimmed.

Unlike the opposite contributors, A-Chan normally provides texture to her hair. “Ever because elementary college, I had permed hair,” she stocks, including that she’d pay for the treatment herself. “My hairstylist lately instructed me to preserve it straight, so now, he curls it.” You also can catch A-Chan with a ponytail maximum of the time. In case you had been questioning, sure, they do provide her headaches. “But if you’re a celebrity, you could’t say that,” she jokes. Although their hairstyles fluctuate, A-Chan points out one consistent number of the trio: “We’ve by no means dyed our hair earlier than,” she says.

Perfume’s tech obsession

With their shows fueled via generation that I admire but do not completely recognize, I become excited to ask the girls how they incorporate it into their splendor workouts. Perfume’s favored device? An excessive-tech scalp massager. Nocchi mentions that she reaches for the $300 ReFa Grace Head Spa while shampooing her hair. “The other was using it, so I copied them,” Nocchi says. “It has four small brushes and moves around in all one-of-a-kind directions all over. It appears like you’re getting a rubdown from somebody’s hand.”

Perfume Interview The JPop Group Talks Skin Care Scalp Massagers

Perfume, another beauty device, loves an electronic brush that allows carrying your face, as described by A-Chan. She bought it before Kashiyuka and Nocchi followed fit. “Even even though it’s luxurious, it’s worth it,” A-Chan says. If they invented their own beauty era, Kashiyuka would create a bar hanging from her bedroom door, which sprays sunscreen throughout her frame while she walks through it. A-Chan has a moderate change, although. She stands up to illustrate the downsides of Kashiyuka’s SPF bar and a way to enhance it. “If you just stroll via it, the sunscreen gained’t get on you lightly,” A-Chan explains. “We’ll make it a body so that you get it from all instructions.” Count me in.

Perfume’s scent reminiscences

Of direction, I needed to ask if any precise fragrances trigger memories for the women of Perfume. The question may be over-requested. However, they have got especially in no way answered it for an English interview. Immediately, A-chan calls out Gucci Guilty. The manager they had while they had been in excessive school drove a bike and regularly doused himself with the long-lasting eau de toilette. After work, “He would go away on his motorcycle, and the most effective component he’d leave at the back of turned into the Gucci fragrance heady scent,” A-Chan recalls, performing out her vintage supervisor zooming off into the sundown and leaving a dizzying cloud of patchouli and red pepper in his wake. “You ought to tell in which our supervisor changed because he’d leave the scent there.” The scent of a newly built residence or construction brings Nocchi returned to a fifteen-year vintage entering into her first Tokyo dorm, which had been constructed. Kashiyuka reveals that she would not have a specific heady scent-primarily based reminiscence. A whiff of osmanthus brings her joy, nonetheless.