AMR now imparting emergency clinical services to Swisher County


TULIA, Texas (KFDA) – The ambulance vans, EMTs, and paramedics in Swisher County all have a brand new look this month after Tule Creek EMS formally entered into a contract with American Medical Response. “We will run all of their non-911 and inter-facility transfer,” said Amarillo Medical Services Chief Will Hendon. “So basically,, they’ll surrender the preceding license that they had beneath Tule Creek EMS, it will likely be surrendered to the country, and they will now accomplice with American Medical Response DBA Amarillo Medical Services to run that agreement.”

clinical services

All emergency responders who desired to switch from Tule Creek EMS had been capable of achieving this. “We completely transitioned all of their employees that desired to come back over and go to work for American Medical Response,” stated Hendon. “Each of these personnel has transitioned and are now employees of AMR and Amarillo Medical Services.” AMR provided the medical institution-based EMS with one completely prepared Mobile Intensive Care Unit and one reserve unit.

“We have one completely deployed ambulance at all times with a group crewing that unique ambulance for the 911 response,” said Hendon. “Should that preliminary team get despatched on a name, then we have any other unit in reserve that’s to be had to take another 911 name to come in.” Swisher County Memorial Health System partnered with AMR because of the monetary warfare of keeping Tule Creek EMS.

“Partnering with AMR, we’ve got two new vehicles; the system is new,” said the Swisher County Memorial Health System Luke Brewer CEO. “We feel like with upgraded device, quicker reaction time, the community can be better served.” Other emergency scientific offerings bought out using AMR in recent years encompass ones in Borger, Fritch, and Dalhart. “Typically, they’re a bit remoted,” said Hendon. “Those men don’t have the strength of a nationwide EMS like American Medical Response.”

Hendon said this new partnership would permit the Swisher County Memorial Health System to have higher consciousness on health center care while AMR takes care of all ambulance services for the county. “This is in no manner an exchange of the level of provider provided,” he stated. “It’s simply a change inside the name on the aspect of the ambulance.” The Emergency Medical Services industry is a brave, hard-driven lot these days. We’re the healthcare safety net for every socioeconomic class.

When the normal entry points into the healthcare system miss a disease process or when the unthinkable happens, calling 911 for an ambulance is the best option for most people. Those that truly need us and can’t access us mostly die. Those who access us enterthe most immediate and highly skilled acute care setting currently available. We catch the uninsured who can’t manage their chronic conditions through primary care. We see the immediately injured trauma patients from falls and car accidents.

We catch the tired, the poor, and the huddled masses with no one else to turn to. We see the rich who think that 911 is the most direct route to care in the hospital. We treat people experiencing homelessness in their boxes on the curbside. We treat the athletes who injure themselves on the field. We treat the uninsured small business owners who were so scared to go to a doctor for fear of the bill that they waited too long, and their lives are in danger. We treat the naked drunks swigging tequila straight from the bottle while peeing into their shoe. We treat the scared elderly lady who may have taken too much of her medication regimen. We treat everyone, regardless of their ability to pay, in their time of perceived need.