Buy a no smoking sign and add some humor to your life


If you are a smoker hoping to quit this New Year, how about more motivation? As it turns out, adding humor to quitting smoking is much easier than once thought. At least that’s the belief of successful director, actor, and fellow smoker Stephen Rambo. Besides setting fire to his own house, the talented entertainer has had quite a career that continues today. If you ever wanted to know the kind of personality behind the funny man, keep reading!

Buy a no-smoking sign and add some humor to your life. Adding some humor into quitting smoking is much easier than once thought. Stephen Rambo is a successful director, actor, and fellow smoker. The talented entertainer has had quite a career that continues to continue today. He has played his part in the popular television series General Hospital and recently enjoyed a guest role on the hit show CSI. The ever-so-talented actor is known for his roles in movies like Leaving Las Vegas, Nixon, and Black Hawk Down. Mr. Rambo seems to be making quite a career, but sadly, he could not quit smoking until three years ago.

no smoking sign

What is the purpose of the no-smoking sign?

A no-smoking sign is a simple symbol for asking people not to smoke in a given area. The emblem is usually a red circle with a white background and a black line. The message behind the sign is that the room is non-smoking, which is meant to alert others. No smoking signs are put up in public spaces, such as restaurants, to remind people not to smoke within the room.

Buy a no-smoking sign and add some humor to your life. Adding some humor into quitting smoking is much easier than once thought. Stephen Rambo is a successful director, actor, and fellow smoker. The talented entertainer has had quite a career that continues to continue today. He is best known for his work on the TV series “Cavemen,” where he plays the character of “Shelby.” That is not all, though. He also acts in feature films and works on television.

Smoking saved his life!

Stephen has been smoking since he was 13 years old. As one can imagine, the habit cost him a lot of money over the years. It also nearly killed him.

Do No Smoking signs work?

In many places, some signs read “No Smoking.” However, these signs are often ignored. This is partly because of what many people consider a “right” to smoke. Yet this right is questioned by those who suffer from secondhand smoke.

The right to smoke could be protected by building designated smoking areas at public places like airports, stadiums, and offices. These smoking areas would remove the hazard of secondhand smoke.

Some believe these signs keep people from smoking, while others do not.

The no Smoking sign is funny.

No Smoking Sign Funny is a popular internet meme shared on social media to show funny pictures of people wearing a “No Smoking” sign. This internet meme shares photos of people posing with a “No Smoking” sign posted behind them. The picture shows a person sitting on a bench with their legs apart and a “No Smoking” sign placed over their crotch area. Sometimes, the person’s face is obscured or blocked with a No Smoking sign, leading to confusion and frustration on the smoker’s part.

One photo, which shows a man sitting with a “No Smoking” sign, started the trend.

According to the Huffington Post, photojournalist Eric Lafforgue posted the photo to his Flickr account.

5 No Smoking Signs for Your Kitchen

It’s no secret that cigarette smoke can permeate the air in your home. With so many people in your home, keeping it out of your kitchen can be challenging. Smoking in the kitchen is hazardous to your and your family’s health. If you’re considering smoking in the kitchen, here are five no-smoking signs for your kitchen to see if it’s time to give up the habit. 1. You have a toddler.

No Smoking Signs in Sentences

To create awareness of the dangers of smoking, many countries have started to put “No Smoking” signs and labels on cigarette packages. The warnings are usually quite graphic, and the purpose is to deter potential smokers from smoking. This, in turn, will reduce the number of smoking-related deaths.

However, a new study shows that these warning signs and labels may have the opposite effect. It could make people more likely to smoke.

Researchers in Scotland concluded this after surveying 8,600 people for four years.

Cheap No Smoking Signs

A Cheap No Smoking Sign will be the perfect solution if a No Smoking sign is not enough to stop a person from smoking. A Cheap No Smoking Sign can make a room smell better and make it easier for other people to breathe by removing the smoky aroma from the air. The no-smoking sign can also reduce the risk of starting a fire. Placing one of these signs in the room where someone is smoking can help them realize how much they are hurting themselves and others with their actions.

The thing you should keep on your Mind

  • What are the consequences of smoking?
  • Why is smoking illegal?
  • Who is responsible for enforcing the law against smoking?
  • What areas are covered by the law against smoking?
  • Can you smoke in your own house?
  • What are the health consequences of secondhand smoke?
  • What happens if I break the law against smoking?

The signs come in three sizes: 3 inches by 9 inches, 4 inches by 12 inches, and 5 inches by 15 inches. The movement will have a white background and black lettering on it.

Funny No Smoking Signs To Print

If you are looking for funny signs to print for your friends, family, co-workers, or even yourself, you have come to the right place. Here, you will find various symbols guaranteed to make you laugh. I’m sure you’ve seen the characters at the end of an aisle, on the outside of a building, or on the inside of a restaurant that says no smoking is allowed. The question is, what can an employer do to ensure its employees follow the rules? What happens if they don’t? And what about the employer who doesn’t have a sign-up at all?

If an employee decides to smoke on the job, it is usually a good idea for the employer to discipline them. There are often excellent reasons for doing so. For one thing, it isn’t good for the business to allow employees to smoke.

Making No Smoking Signs Funnier

The Making No Smoking Signs Funnier collaborates with comedy writers who have written books and blog posts, including “How to Be Happy, Dammit! “No smoking signs are too severe.

They could be made funnier with clever humor to encourage people not to smoke. One way to do this is to have the sign say something like, “Don’t litter. Don’t litter. Don’t litter. Look, litter! Don’t litter. ”

The sign will be effective because it is still a no-smoking sign, but it warns smokers that they litter while smoking. When people see the sign, they might think about how they are littering, which could lead them to stop littering entirely.


The ‘no smoking sign’ is meant to warn not to smoke in an off-limits area. Typically, this sign would be found in a building with no smoking. One may also see this sign on school campuses. This protects the health of the students and adults who come in contact with secondhand smoke.