Factors to Scrutinize before Enrolling to Rehab Facilities


Substance abuse and addiction is a disease which when the victims ignore it, they are worsening the situation. If you are suffering from addiction, you cause harm to yourself and your family members. Addiction is a dangerous condition, but one can overcome and lead a sober life with the right treatment from specialists. Once you accept to get help, enroll in a rehabilitation center that provides treatment services matching your needs. Adelante Recovery facility in Orange County is a good center offering patient-based treatment programs, and its reputation makes it the best.


What do you check before enrolling in any facility?

It’s location

Choosing your ideal rehab institution, first, ask yourself these questions. Do I need an institution that is close to my home? Do I have other commitments barring me from going to far-located rehabs? The rehab location is important since different people have their personalized tastes. A closer center is better when patients have other commitments they need to attend while taking their treatments. The cons of joining rehabs closer to home are, you still face the temptations you have been fighting, so your recovery journey would be tougher than expected.

How long will the treatment take?

Addiction treatment programs take 30, 60, or 90 days. When you are an addict, the drug issue is already causing pressure in your life. Therefore, it’s better to lake the 60-90 days programs when choosing a rehab program. The lengthy the treatment period, the better the recovery. You are not getting treatment with pressure, unlike taking a 30-day program. Adelante Recovery offers all these duration options, and it’s your responsibility to choose what you feel is satisfying.

Treatment services offered

People have different addiction challenges so, you can’t use a standard treatment and expect positive results. Choosing a rehab center, first find out if they have programs that cover your problems. Some rehabs would have a specialty in one drug, e.g., heroin or alcohol, so this treatment won’t be relevant when a patient has a cocaine addiction. Multitasking rehabs are better as they will customize the treatment approaches to fit every patients’ needs. Adelante uses an evidence-based treatment approach which most suitable for better recovery.

Staffing capacity

The addiction specialists you will be working with play a big role in your sobriety journey. The best rehab centers have many staff members such that the ratio of staff to patients is higher. It is unadvisable to enroll in an institution where one specialist is serving more than ten patients. Do some background checks to know the staffing capacity of the organization and the relationships those staffs have with their patients. Besides the number, check the staff’s qualifications. Nutritionists, physicians, psychologists, and nurses make part of the specialists in rehabs.


Private rehabs offer better services, but this comes with extra expenses. When evaluating your rehab choices, compare the cost of their treatments. Settle for a facility whose price estimates are aligning with your budget.

Besides the costs, check if the institution accepts medical insurances. Adelante recovery accepts insurance payments making it less stressful for their clients to offset the treatment bills.

Final thought

Rehabs are many in Orange county, but every facility has its uniqueness. We recommend you visit Adelante recovery as it offers multiple addiction treatment programs, accepts insurance, and it’s a certified rehab center.