How peer counseling can help you


As caregivers it is vitally important that we are able to stay positive, fresh and focused as much as possible. The people we care for depend on us as a lifeline and so taking care of our own physical, emotional and mental health is something that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Sharing your thoughts and feelings about being a caregiver and the stress it places on you is a good way to get some perspective and talk through any issues you might be having. Many people use counseling services or licensed therapists for this reason but there are other more cost effective options that may also be worth considering.

peer counseling

One of the newest and increasingly popular alternatives to counseling services is something called peer counseling.

What is peer counseling?

Peer counselors are people who have exceptional emotional intelligence and empathy – they are hired and trained specifically because of these qualities. They are there to listen to you to offer their perspective and tell you their story in order to help you resolve your own problems.

Many peer counselors have also been (or are currently) caregivers and so have deep experience of the difficult decisions and situations that arise when you are fully responsible for caring for someone. Peer counselors may have been through therapy like CBT or DBT themselves to deal with some specific issues, or they may have used tools like mindfulness or journaling to try and come to terms with the relentless pressure that caregivers can face.

How peer counseling services can help you

A peer counselor doesn’t diagnose mental health conditions, they are there to listen to you, share their perspective and experience and help equip you with tools and techniques to make your journey as a caregiver easier and happier.

Being able to share the burden of your responsibilities with a kind, empathetic peer counselor can be enormously helpful.

Places like Peer Collective allow you to choose peer counselors who best suit your needs and profile. You can choose by gender, identity, sexuality, ethnicity and look at the type of background that each individual has so that you can find someone who will be really able to help you.

One of the great things about peer counseling is that it costs much less than therapy. A licensed therapist will cost $150/hr whereas a peer counselor costs $28/hr – and your first 60 minutes at Peer Collective is 100% free.

Why peer counseling might be for you

Peer counseling doesn’t necessarily replace therapy or counseling services – but it does provide immediate access to a safe, objective space for you to share problems and issues with someone who is trained to listen and help.

For caregiving especially it can be particularly powerful because so much of what we go through is about supporting relationships – and that is where a peer counselor’s experience and own story can be so helpful.

Please come and visit Peer Collective today for an affordable, accessible alternative to counseling services.