Lower Hutt’s Ichiban Asian Fastfood too right to be referred to as a takeaway


A Taste of… Ichiban Asian Fastfood, 15 Queens Drive, Lower Hutt. We’d heard… It’s far from the exceptional “Chinese” restaurant in Lower Hutt. It has several Asian-styled dishes on the menu, from Singapore Noodles to Sushi. The vibe… Are you hungry? Are you in a rush? Do you need to devour something rapidly, but not – notwithstanding the call – “rapid meals”? This is the vicinity for you. We ordered… I must be up to the front; this is my go-to takeaway desire inside the Hutt Valley. I’ve reviewed the teppan bar in front, so I figured it turned into the handiest truthful to check the tons greater-available fast food joint, with a separate kitchen and menu that sits outback.

This location is continually packed on a Friday or the weekend. It’s family-friendly and speedy, and the meals are some of the pleasant Asian-fashion cooking you’ll get in the Valley. Forget your lavatory trendy fowl chow mein and shrimp fried rice; this is hotpot heaven – prepare to get your steam on. My No. 1 dish is bean curd with ginger and shallots ($thirteen) – honestly, something bean curd right here is good. Add a part of steamed rice, and it’s a meal-for- for $15. It’s tasty, wealthy, and nourishing, with the tangy inexperienced onion shooting a pleasant crunchy evaluation to the silky fried tofu.

One of Ichiban’s specialties (and a guilty preferred of mine, too) is a roast duck, which comes with steamed rice and bok choi ($14) and a total candy, little, light plum sauce that you will desire available in a bucket, it’s so moreish. The duck is always gentle – just the proper amount of fatty – and no longer too gamey, with the bok choi lightening the entire dish so it would not leave you feeling too claggy. My dining partner became no longer a huge fan of Asian meals, but I satisfied her with the Singapore noodles, which were fat and amply weighted down with massive, juicy prawns. She turned into rapture and wouldn’t permit me to attempt a prawn for technology’s sake.


The menu is huge, so take it slow and take a danger on something you may not have tried earlier. It’s certain to be terrific coming from right here. This is my very last cafe overview, so I desired to go out to a place that I, in reality, love; it’s a bit quirky and really, very tasty. This is the correct choice. It’s been an absolute pleasure attempting all the food Wellington has to provide. I have learned that we are lucky, lucky folks, spoilt for choice even. I want to thank all the cafes, bars, restaurants, and venues and their wonderful team of workers that made my year of consuming my manner around the Capital so blimmin’ exciting. At least one greater inch on my stomach is your fault; however, I would not have given up your great meals and provider for something.