Meet The Women Investors Supporting Early Women’s Health Innovators


2019 has to this point, been quite an interesting 12 months for the ladies’ fitness tech area. Elvie raised the biggest investment round inside the Femtech category to date with $42M, led by personal fairness company IPGL. In February, Extend Fertility raised a $15M Series A from Regal Healthcare Capital Partners. Just months after that, Kindbody, the millennial-targeted yellow branded fertility, and ladies’ fitness medical institution, secured $15M in a round co-led with the aid of RRE Ventures and Perceptive Advisors.

The inherent demanding situations of fundraising for a Semtech startup as a lady founder have been extensively discussed. Yet, the class is slowly consolidating and getting more attention from the VC network. These girls buyers noticed its ability within the early days and shared their perspective on girls’ health possibilities.

Trish Costello, Portfolio, Making A Bet On Women’s Health

The Portfolio FemTech Fund focuses on emerging technology, products, and services improving women’s health for the duration of their lives. The portfolio is making strategic investments in excessive-ability possibilities, which might be worthwhile and boom ladies’ well-being.

Trish Costello, CEO of Portfolio, is tremendously stimulated to make a distinction in this field: “It’s a big marketplace (50B greenback) with many gaps and unmet needs. It’s an exceptional opportunity to make money, and only a few VCs are investing. Also, I want to spend money on what I recognize from my revel in and that I recognize will improve my life and that of different women.”


Costello unearths the menopause, pregnancy, and childbirth spaces very thrilling, as well as specific healthcare areas where ladies are impacted differently, including heart disease or pain control, and tends to live far away from the heavily infested areas, such as duration tracking apps, most of which firstly had been founded and run by men.

Women are dying during labor; we’ve fantastically high C-phase prices. There are large opportunities for innovation addressing early detection of pre-eclampsia, warding off stress and postpartum despair, among other problems. In menopause, I’m enthusiastic about groups tackling the whole thing from bladder troubles to vaginal rejuvenation,” says Costello.

Costello insists that the largest trouble for Semtech founders is that ninety-four % of lively capital is managed with the aid of guys: “They don’t usually connect to the troubles, and knowing the sector is key as an investor. We need extra girls investors. As a founder, you ought to recognize the financial model at the back of your solution, locate the proper advisors, and technique investors with a track file in the space -don’t waste time with those that in no way invested in ladies or space.” The modern VC industry changed into advanced when women couldn’t even take out loans on their very own. A portfolio deconstructs how it works and defines what it may appear as if it changed into designed today.

Susan Dong, Female Founders Fund, Investing On The Brands Defining The Future Of Wellness

Female Founders Fund, additionally referred to as F3, seems at Semtech greater extensively and follows the trend around the confluence of fitness and well-being. They invested early in iconic organizations consisting of Maven (the primary girl-targeted telemedicine platform), Thrive Global (based on Arianna Huffington to tackle business enterprise wellness), and Shine Text, a client self-care platform.

We consider that healthcare is turning into extra holistic, driven through consumer demands that the industry evolves to understand, first, that ladies are the number one selection-makers in healthcare selections for each herself and her circle of relatives and secondly, that girls expect an experience and logo this is more consistent with fine-in-elegance client manufacturers throughout all product categories,” said Susan Dong, Partner at F3.

Dong is excited about investing in full-size life ranges – from menstruation to fertility/being pregnant/postpartum to menopause to give up lifestyles planning. “As extra marketers cognizance on regions of healthcare which have been traditionally dormant in innovation, you may begin seeing more VCs – with any luck led by using forward-thinking ones like F3 – begin directing capital to those areas. Moreover, we’re excited to look extra woman fund partners lead their firms into health and health investing,” concluded Dong.

Tracy Warren, Astarte Ventures, Improving Health Outcomes for Women and Children

Astarte Ventures is centered on a category and running model for tasks without delay and undoubtedly influences the health control options for women and youngsters. Tracy Warren, the Managing Partner, began the fund and investment pastime in 2013, positioning themselves as professionals in women’s and pediatric care. Astarte specializes in the proactive, engaged purchaser health space and invests in prevention and early intervention answers.“The investment industry is 93% male and center to the older range. Therefore, if you recognize troubles in girl biology or reproductive fitness, you’ll find a sure lack of appreciation and even avoidance. We need to teach new traders, create new models of funding, and show economic returns,” said Warren.

Astarte invested in Maven because they see their care transport version as the healthcare of the future: Tech-enabled comfort and accessibility without sacrificing first-class. It covers the needs of busy, professional women who additionally have families. “What does their lifestyle call for? What’s the fee proposition for employers?” added Warren. Maven has cracked this code, which has ended in a super increase and a total investment of $42.3M.

Astarte additionally invested in Materna, a pelvic health solutions organization targeted at enhancing labor and transport. Warren believes that pelvic floor dysfunctions leading to incontinence and different intimate health troubles must be classified as “birth injuries.” The contemporary healthcare machine makes a specialty of reaching higher long-term health effects. Warren is also enthusiastic about maternal and little one nutrients and searching into intellectual fitness, coronary heart disorder, and diabetes via the woman lenses to create custom-designed solutions. She insists that we need more recognition and education. “Let’s now not overlook that we need to have interaction with the buyers that could take stable founders past Series B,” concludes Warren.