Yasmin Karachiwala Shares Some Aqua Aerobics Exercises: Here’s



Aqua aerobics increases endurance
It can help in burning lots of calories
Aqua aerobics can help in improving flexibility

We are about to bid adieu to days of wavering heat. So how about a nice and refreshing session of aqua aerobics? Celebrity fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala recently shared a couple of workout videos of her doing aqua aerobics on her Instagram stories. Aqua aerobics is aerobic water exercise. When done with the right technique, exercising in water can be as intense as exercising on the land. Water workouts like aqua aerobics or aqua yoga are excellent for cardiovascular fitness, burning fat, and strength training. Water exercises are extremely intense and include everything from circuit training to running in deep water.

Read below to know some more health benefits of aqua aerobics which will make you fall for it instantly:

1. Increases endurance

Doing aqua aerobics can help in increasing endurance. This is because water offers natural resistance. This is different from lifting weights, which require the body to pull and push against weight plus the gravity. Water makes the body strain through the water, which in turn helps in building endurance.

2. Burns calories

Aqua aerobics includes both cardio and strength training workouts – which are done in water resistance. This makes aqua aerobics a full-body workout that can help in burning lots of calories. Concerning cardio activity, volume, water temperature, and buoyancy, a person can burn around 400 to 500 calories in an hour of aqua aerobics and can thus help in weight loss.

Aqua Aerobics

3. Improves flexibility

People who want to work on their flexibility can include aqua aerobics in their fitness regime. When you do aqua aerobics, you need to make movements in various directions while adjusting with the push and pull of water. This increases the range of motion of joints and results in a more flexible body.

4. Reduces pressure on joints

People with arthritis can benefit from doing aqua aerobics as it helps relieve pressure on joints from normal and wear and tear that the condition causes. Hydrotherapy is often considered to be an effective way to help people with joint problems.

5. Increases muscle strength

Aqua aerobics is great for increasing muscle strength. This is because the water flows in multiple directions; thus, increasing the resistance in the pool is much more than resistance in the air. Aqua aerobics can make for a rigid workout for increasing muscle strength. The exercises it includes are great for increasing agility, flexibility, and strength. The aerobics cardio refers to the form of physical activity that comprises a routine for enhancing the oxygen circulation through all parts of the body for enhanced metabolism, thus reducing the threat of demise due to cardiovascular dilemmas.

The routine involves a warm-up session that is succeeded by around twenty to thirty minutes of a fair to rigorous routine that includes the thorough working of several muscles assembled. The basic process involves the breakdown of glycogen with the aid of oxygen for the generation of energy. It is followed by a period that involves the cooling of the muscles. This routine has several benefits, with the most significant ones being mentioned here. It toughens the muscles involved in the process of respiration and is hence responsible for the facilitation of air within and outside of the lungs.