All the Rage: Rage Yoga Finds Zen in Swearing, Booze, and Heavy Metal Music


Yoga is associated with burning incense, calming music, and maybe the occasional goat. That’s not the case with a new type of yoga class taught in Canada and Texas. At rage yoga, participants drink beer, drop f-bombs, and listen to heavy metal music on their path to inner peace, Hello Giggles reports. Lindsay Istace conceived rage yoga after feeling out of place at more conventional yoga sessions. Instead of maintaining a calm, quiet atmosphere, rage yoga encourages self-expression, even if it involves cursing your way through a warrior pose or banging your head to Metallica as your downward dog.

Before I found my practice, I was always a stress case!” Istace writes on the official Rage Yoga website. “My mind constantly ran a mile a minute, and I couldn’t slow down. I had zero confidence, rage issues, and, on top of it all, the muscle mass of a kitchen sponge.” After screaming, drinking, and making crass jokes in yoga class, Istace hopes students will go home feeling more relaxed than when they arrived. Rage may be part of the name, but as with traditional yoga, the goal is to “become zen as f*ck.” If you’re seeking an alternative yoga experience, you can sign up for in-person rage yoga classes in Alberta, Canada, and Houston, Texas. Courses are also available online.


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