Social media yoga stars Action Jacquelyn, Briohny Smyth on their practices before yoga convention


Briohny Smyth and Jacquelyn Umof will percentage their guidelines and strategies stay in Hong Kong this month at the 4-day Evolution Asia Yoga Conference
Here they speak about their favorite poses, why they practice, and the effects they see from yoga and meditation

The 5,000-year-old technological know-how of yoga has flowed without problems into the internet age. The lifestyle of teachers passing alongside the understanding of poses, or asanas, and pranayama, or breathwork, thru mouth and practice, is no longer confined to ashram retreats, yoga centers, and clinics. New-Age instructors are using social media to introduce yoga and its benefits to inspire an ever-developing population of practitioners.

Briohny Smyth and Jacquelyn Umof are some of the superstars. And they may be sharing their guidelines and techniques stay in Hong Kong later this month at the 4-day Evolution Asia Yoga Conference on the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Smyth, 36, has cultivated a big social media presence with her insights on health, parenting, and entrepreneurship. She shares her yoga exercises with the aid of uploading short films on her Instagram feed @yogawithbriohny, which has more than 183,000 followers. Her tutorials variety from yoga sequences to meditation. Her classes blend an invigorating flow of yoga poses with guidance on alignment.

“Yoga slows the whole thing down and gives you the possibility to peel away layers of the onion,” she says.

Smyth shares photos of herself in various poses, which often consist of her children. She has produced motion pictures of yoga for novices, handstand and headstand strategies, poses to prevent shoulder pain, and quick talks on yoga philosophy.

“Inversions are my favorite pose – turning your self upside down offers you a second to mirror. It energizes the body and the thoughts,” she says.

Smyth shot to repute when she starred in a yoga video published by way of Equinox in 2011 that went viral and has attracted extra than 12 million views. It confirmed her flowing via her morning routine, results easily lifting herself into ideal handstands.

After the start of her daughter in 2004, Smyth devoted herself to her exercise fully and have become a yoga instructor. With greater than ten years of enjoy constructing yoga instructor education programs and on line education content material, investing in yoga fairs such as Wanderlust, and engaging in retreats, Smyth is acclaimed as a frontrunner in the global wellness community. She holds online lessons and conducts teacher-schooling programs in Thailand thru Bryce Yoga School, which she co-founded together with her ex-husband.

Born to an Australian father and a Thai-Chinese mom, Smyth turned into thrust onto the sector stage at an early age while she became a toddler pop big name in Asia, with a platinum album by the point she was 13. The thrilling however grueling lifestyle, together with the pressures of being a child famous person, took a toll, and he or she advanced eating problems, bulimia, and anorexia. A threat goes to to India in 1999 led her to a yoga ashram. Through yoga, she determined fitness, recuperation, and a brand new lifestyles.

Smyth may be accomplishing sessions on the fundamentals of handstands and backbends at the Evolution Asia Yoga Conference. Details of her classes may be determined here

Umof, 34, goes by using the call Action Jacquelyn on social media. She is among the most important on line yoga influencers with extra than half 1,000,000 fans on Instagram, a huge YouTube audience, and a popular interactive blog. Her stunning asana photographs, fine messages, and remarkable photography have interaction and inspire followers.

Umof has located a way to make yoga simple, time-effective, and fun. Her famous “Get Stretchy” program offers 5- to fifteen-minute everyday workouts to get healthy. Her Instagram account has the tag line “Be A Stretchy Babe – less ache, extra flexibility.”Her website and Instagram feed put up an exceptional routine every day – energizing morning stretches, yoga for tight hips and hamstrings and for relieving lower back pain, and a journey stretch recurring, to name a few.

Her “Get Stretchy At Work” series offers five-minute yoga workouts to de-pressure and energize at paintings while not having to leave your desk or change garments. The physical activities include yoga stretches such as arm lifts, wrist shakes, and respiration that mitigate the bad consequences of prolonged sitting, typing, and texting.

“I agree with that daily mindful movement can create a happier life, an extra positive outlook, success in work and relationships, and a deeper experience of self-worth,” she says. Umof holds one-week challenges, offers daily motivations, and gives equipment for mental and bodily energy, increase and development. She takes a spiritual method, acknowledging that a nonviolent mind is fundamental to feeling you’re high-quality.

“Fitness is so much greater than crunches and squats. It’s about taking care of your frame and mind via a consistent practice of yoga, stretching, journaling and eating wholesome,” Umof says.

Umof educated as a ballerina from a younger age and is certified in Kundalini yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Reformer Pilates, barre (a style of exercise that fuses the ideas of mat Pilates and ballet) and personal schooling. She has danced professionally for Lines Ballet and went on to sign up for the cheerleading squads USC Song Girls, Clipper Girls, and Laker Girls. She plays the violin and likes to salsa dance. Umof says she practices mindfulness daily to live inside the gift and loves to encourage others thru her posts. She will no longer publish about a product she doesn’t accept as true with in and never shies faraway from sharing her adventure.
Umof will conduct four periods on the Evolution Asia Yoga Conference. Details of her classes may be observed here