Cops bust drug gang, confiscate RM3.2mil’s well worth of medication


JOHOR BARU: Police detained three local guys believed to be drug traffickers and seized pills worth RM3.2mil in 4 separate raids across the town two days ago. Johor police chief Datuk Mohd Khalil Kader Mohd said the raids resulted from a collaboration between the Johor and Bukit Aman Narcotics Criminal Investigation Departments after detecting the crowd’s activities five months ago. He stated the three guys, aged between 27 and 31 years, believed to be the masterminds, had been arrested between 3 p.m. and 6 a.m.

They were apprehended in 3 separate places: a residence and metal warehouse at Taman Mount Austin, the Kulai Toll Plaza, and a home in Taman Desa Tebrau. “The raids carried out netted 119,400 Erimin five capsules, 17,450 ecstasy drugs, eight,414g of ecstasy powder, 220g of ketamine, and 415g of liquid syabu,” he told journalists on Sunday (June 2). Apart from pills, he said police also seized a Mercedes Benz, a Toyota Vios, a series, two jewelry, Rolex and Casio watches, and cash amounting to RM2,350.

Mohd Khalil stated the drugs believed to be for the international and local markets had been received from a northern kingdom. So some distance police do not deny the possibility that Johor turned into being planned as a transit factor for the drug syndicate, he stated. “We also do no longer rule out the possibility that the drugs were delivered via Pos Laju based totally on the envelopes used, but investigations and look for different suspects are ongoing,” he stated.

He said two suspects tested superb for drugs, and all 3 had criminal information. The suspects were remanded until June 7 to facilitate investigations underneath Section 39B of the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952. Meanwhile, on Ops Selamat 15/2019, Mohd Khalil stated that 1,068 street accidents had been recorded in the kingdom because the operation commenced on May 29, compared to 933 accidents for a ten-day duration remaining 12 months. – Bernama, either your answer is YES or NO che,ck the appropriate space. Please be sure to answer every question.

Cops bust drug gang, confiscate RM3.2mil's well worth of medication 1


1. Alcohol or drug use caused me to use poor judgment and drive right afterward because I felt “fine” to drive; it wasn’t far to go, and I had no other way home: ___ Yes ___ No

2. I thought I was okay to drive after drinkinandor using drugs, but I wasn’t: ___ Yes ___ No

3. I got a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th DUI after swearing it would never happen again: ___ Yes ___ No

4. I could kill somebody if I’m driving impaired: ___ Yes ___ No

5. I completed one or more alcohol or drug abuse treatment programs, yet I couldn’t drink just 1 or 2 drinks every time, so I ended up getting in trouble after drinking and using drugs: ___ Yes ___ No

6. I believe that since I was able to quit drinking or using for a while (after drinking and using caused me problems) and I don’t crave it, miss it, or even think about it, I now don’t have a drinking or drug problem: ___ Yes ___ No

7. I think about drinking or using drugs daily: ___ Yes ___ No

8. I drink and  use drugs to keep the buzz (good feeling): ___ Yes ___ No

9. I like to drink or use too much: ___ Yes ___ No

10. When I pick up the first drinandor drug, I think about the next one: ___ Yes ___ No

11. When I pick up the first drink, I enjoy the taste: ___ Yes ___ No

12. I like the feeling alcohol and drugs give me when I’m under their power: ___ Yes ___ No

13. I know I shouldn’t drink and use drugs, but I do it anyhow: ___ Yes ___ No

14. I can’t predict what will happen after I drink and use the first drug: ___ Yes ___ No

15. It’s tough to do the right thing while drinking and  using drugs: ___ Yes ___ No