‘KILLER COMBO’ Millions with hay fever liable to deadly bronchial asthma attacks


As warm climate sparks begin of grass pollen season

MILLIONS are susceptible to struggling with a deadly allergies assault this weekend as the grass pollen season gets underway, experts warned. Sizzling warm weather and growing pollen stages are predicted across Britain on Saturday, consistent with forecasters. Experts warn hay fever sufferers can face a lethal allergy attack amid hot climate and pollen stage mixture three. Experts are warning hay fever patients could be a chance of a deadly asthma assault amid warm weather and pollen stage combination. But the “killer” aggregate could go away people with bronchial asthma at risk of a fatal assault. Medics from Asthma UK warn that high tiers of pollen inside the air can “inflame” the airways and spark life-threatening symptoms for sufferers. It comes at the beginning of the grass pollen season, a good way to height over the subsequent two weeks in England and Wales.


Killer blend

Dr. Andy Whittamore, GP and Clinical Lead at Asthma UK, said: “The lethal combination of warm weather, sizeable thunderstorms, and growing tiers of grass pollen this weekend should put more than three million people with asthma vulnerable to a probable fatal allergies assault. “When pollen is in the air, it could inflame people’s airways, triggering signs of allergies. “Stormy weather can worsen because it breaks the pollen into much smaller particles, which might be inhaled more deeply into the lungs. “If you have allergies and are already noticing greater signs and symptoms due to hay fever, which includes coughing, a tight chest, or breathlessness, make sure you always preserve your blue reliever inhaler.” Dr. Whittamore advises taking hay fever drugs and using the preventer inhaler – normally brown – as prescribed.

Grass pollen season

It is a notion that more than 10 million humans in Britain go through hay fever, affecting around eighty percent of humans with allergies. Grass pollen is the maximum not unusual hypersensitive reaction and impacts ninety percent of people with hay fever, in line with Allergy UK. The season runs from mid-May until July, with two peaks – generally the first two weeks of June and the primary weeks of July. But this can vary depending on where you are in the United States and how the weather has been throughout spring and early summertime.


Sizzling weekend climate

People should see their symptoms increase this weekend as Brits flock to the outside and temperatures rise to a scorching 30C. Forecasters reckon it may be the freshest day of the year thus this weekend – with the mercury growing better than in Barcelona and Ibiza. A spokeswoman for the Met Office stated that many of the United States would revel in balmy weather on Saturday – and Sunday could be even warmer. Temperatures then are expected to reach 27C invaluable areas and the southeast. But the weekend of hot sunshine will last until Monday when the mercury takes a nosedive once more, the Met Office has stated. Pollen ranges are also set to tail off again for much of the UK from the start of the subsequent week.