US adopts Indian technology for cancer treatment


The SBF Healthcare to be related to University of Pennsylvania andUniversity of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) for ongoing Neuro-Oncology Research (for treatment of malignant mind tumours)

For the primary time in Indian records, Sequentially Programmed Magnetic Field (SPMF) Therapy invented via WgCdr (Dr.) V. G. Vasishta, Founder & Chairman, SBF Healthcare, known to have saved and revived lives of over 500 mind tumour cancer sufferers has set its benchmark in medical technology and has been recently followed via the USA for Neuro-Oncology Research for the remedy of malignant mind tumour cancer.

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has additionally been signed among SBF Healthcare and University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) & University of Pennsylvania for development in Neuro-Oncology research for the remedy of malignant brain tumour cancer. According to the new invoice announced through US President, Donald Trump on ‘Right to Try Law’, SPMF Therapy may be used for treatment by way of any US citizen with none FDA approval.

In India, at least forty,000-50,000 human beings are diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) brain tumours, of which 20 per cent are children. Brain tumours are handled with surgical operation, Chemotherapy and Radiation. After those treatments, the common survival isn’t always greater than 14 months. This shows that such patients are left with very little or no chances of survival. However, with SPMF Therapy, such sufferers were handled efficiently who’ve survived for more than five years on average. SPMF is a unique sort of remedy this is non-invasive and safe, painless, less costly, scientifically verified, and best treatment for a mind tumour. An affected person’s condition is evaluated the usage of MRI and the Karnofsky Performance Score (KPS) that are the gold standards for comparing the efficacy of a remedy. This treatment is run via an advanced scientific device known as AKTIS SOMA. This therapy is carried out over 28 days (one hour a day).

Speaking at the event, WgCdr (Dr.) V. G. Vasishta stated, “There is a main want for non-surgical intervention with none side effects within the remedy of cancer. SPMF Therapy provides a non-invasive and safe remedy without any facet effects. It halts the progression of the disorder and improves satisfactory existence and extends the survival period. It also enables developers to affect a person’s emotional and psychological health. This remedy has confirmed to be a miracle for lots sufferers with malignant tumours and is now set to help make development in fields of Neuro-oncology Research through our affiliation with leading universities inside the US. Until these days, India has been relying on Western countries for advanced medical remedy and strategies.I am extraordinarily overjoyed that, with SPMF Therapy, we’re setting the ground for an Indian clinical generation to be used by people throughout the globe for treating a complicated disorder along with mind tumours. For the primary time,a complicated scientific technology advanced with the aid of an Indian could be authorised for use for the treatment of mind tumours in theUS.”

SBF Healthcare and Research Center (SHRC), based by way of Wing Commander (Dr) V. G. Vasishta (Retd.), has speedy received popularity as one of the excellent healthcare centers within the country for remedy of OA and cancer, due to unrelenting determination to exquisite clinical offerings and pioneering studies in lifestyles-saving Osteoarthritis and Cancer clinical technology.