Still Life Massage and Float Offers Body and Mind Holistic Healing


Whole-body fitness is all of the rages in nowadays’s well-being circles. It might come as a surprise that rubs down therapists help with more than relaxation. Car accidents, anxiety complications, carpal tunnel, migraines, and muscle traces are some of the reasons customers choose Still Life Massage and Float for entire body care.


“We have ten rubdown therapists, and everybody offers something one-of-a-kind,” says Shannon Fuller, co-proprietor of Still Life Massage and Float, and her husband, Tim Fuller. If a therapist runs with a purchaser and feels their colleagues have a strong point that could advantage them, they check with every other without hesitation.

“Most of what we do is medical rubdown,” says Shannon. “We treat injuries and car accidents, pregnant mamas, or humans who have simply undeniably over-labored themselves in their lawn. Though some therapists, like Richard [Secrist], specialize in a “knock-you-out, blissed-out, excellent rub down,” Shannon says. “He sees clients who’ve been in injuries, too, but many clients are looking for him out for his enjoyable massage techniques.”

Often, massage allows people to surprising approaches. “A female came to me after a vehicle twist of fate, and I saw her for nearly a year,” says Shannon. “It was time to wrap up, and he or she felt higher.” The woman told Shannon that she would pass over their relationship had; no one else had bodily contact with her for an hour at a time. The client felt that the massage helped her get out of a depression she hadn’t even been privy to.

“The reason I saw her changed into the twist of fate-related. However, that wasn’t her preferred final result,” says Shannon. “It becomes being touched and having somebody be there for her.” Still, Life Massage practitioners offer numerous modalities all below one roof. Each therapist uses their specialties and passions to carry the excellent  techniquehealing to clients.

CranioSacral rubdown

“Janel [Kollmar] does CranioSacral paintings,” says Shannon. “It’s extraordinarily gentle, so she tends to get customers who need to be nurtured.” In CranioSacral rubs down, practitioners use tender touch to release the tissue across the relevant nervous system. “If there’s any misalignment around your spine, then fluid doesn’t circulate as properly,” Shannon explains. “It gently affects bones within the skull, operating with the cerebrospinal fluids that wrap your mind and spinal cord, moving the fluid through your brain and cranium, assisting the nerves.” The list of illnesses that CranioSacral massage helps is outstanding. Autism, ADD, concussions, worrying mind accidents, vital anxious device problems, and fibromyalgia, among others, may be advanced with this remedy.

Cupping rubdown

Cupping rubdown is another modality supplied at Still Life using Yvonne Newgard, Ashley Rosen, and Lara Hart. During an everyday rubdown, practitioners press into a tissue, freeing tension beneath the skin with pressure. Cupping does the other. “It’s negative pressure,” says Shannon. “Silicone cups create suction; they carry and separate tissue and move fluid out.” This technique lets practitioners be aware of regions that need greater care. You’ll recognize how much fluid became moved via how darkish the round spots are left behind. The marks fade in 3 to seven days, depending on your skin.

Intraoral rubdown

Intraoral is a rubdown in your mouth. Neck, gums, and tongue muscle groups go with the flow via your oral hollow space, and several muscle mass connects within the jaw. “After a car twist of fate, all of the muscle groups you chunk with can be affected, or those who clench their jaws when they’re disturbing or suck on their tongues. Suction you create to your mouth is all anxiety,” says Shannon. “Having someone working on it may be emotional—it is not unusual for customers to cry, not from pain, but from the emotional launch of that anxiety.”

Neuromuscular rub down

“Neuromuscular rubdown is detail-oriented, working on the fascia,” says Shannon. It’s particularly muscular paintings—and it’s Shannon’s forte “I love whiplash and working on necks; that’s my component.”

Prenatal massage

Pregnancy is an emotional time, with highs and lows, exhilaration, a lack of sleep, and frequent pain. An unexpectedly converting frame can leave mothers feeling exhausted and sore.
Prenatal massage eases tension. “It facilitates the release and relaxation of the muscle groups that aren’t where they’re used to being,” says Shannon. “Plus, we’ve pillows for people to lie face down; that’s a large deal for ladies tired of laying on their facets.”

Deep tissue massage

There’s frequently confusion regarding knowing the definition of deep tissue rub down. “Many clients assume it’s miles hard pressure, and that may be deep tissue, but it can additionally be described as a slow and mild to moderate touch to get to those deeper layers,” says Shannon. Shannon and her crew ensure they recognize exactly what customers need before pairing them with the right massage therapist. If a purchaser is, in particular, soliciting for deep strain, she may direct them to Jamie Emmons or Richard Secrist; however, if they’re seeking out mild to moderate pressure, she would possibly lead them to Sondra Matara, Meghan Denny, Erika Rado, or Andreas Weinrich.