Belvidere fighting human trafficking with rubdown parlour arrest


BELVIDERE, Ill. (WTVO) — Late closing yr, Belvidere close down several massage parlours and now every other one can be pressured to close its doorways.

On Monday, police achieved a seek warrant on the Hot Stone Spa, 2184 N. State Street. City officials say this is part of ongoing conflict to forestall prostitution and human trafficking as they work to rid Belvidere of unlawful pastime.

Mayor Mike Chamberlain stated, “I can’t let you know how a great deal I recognize it, those men by no means give up, the gents and women of the police department, till we get finished what we’re seeking to do.”

After four rub down parlours were shut down numerous months ago, two more women were charged.

Belvidere Police arrested forty five-12 months-vintage Eun M. Lee, of Des Plaines. Police are trying to find 67-12 months-vintage Mae Hwa Roberts, of Belvidere.

Both are charged with violating the rub down licensing act.

Deputy Chief of Investigations Matthew Wallace says the women may have been a part of a human trafficking operation.

“I simply believe that,” Wallace stated. “That is something going on. Previous investigations into these corporations have involved Homeland Security.”

While Mayor Chamberlain is happy the rub down parlours are closed, he says this shouldn’t stop all people who desire to open a valid massage therapy business within the town.

“Because it will become very obvious from the very starting of communication with somebody who’s a legitimate bodily therapist that they’re a valid bodily therapist that went to school to examine,” said Mayor Chamberlain. “They took kinesiology, you know, they took anatomy, they connect themselves to the gym or a docs workplace.”

Deputy Chief Wallace additionally stated that police had been tipped off approximately the massage parlour’s activities, which led to the research.

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