Anne Arundel police make some other Severna Park rub down parlour prostitution arrest


Anne Arundel County police arrested a New York female Tuesday after an undercover goes to a Severna Park rubdown parlor every week after police charged women with prostitution at a specific Severna Park rubdown parlor. Police received a tip at approximately Escape Massage on Ritchie Highway and dispatched an undercover detective to analyze, consistent with police-authored charging documents.

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An undercover officer visited the parlor Tuesday morning and asked for a rub down, police wrote. Dai Xiu Liang, 55, of Brooklyn, New York, took the undercover detective returned to a rubdown room, police reported. Liang massaged the undercover detective earlier than imparting to carry out sexual acts for $forty extra, police said. According to charging documents, to exercise massage remedy, a person needs to be certified employing the Maryland Department of Health’s Board of Massage Therapy Examiners.

Liang is no longer registered to exercise rubdown in Maryland, police wrote. She changed into launched on her recognizance Tuesday, in keeping with online records. Liang has been charged with four counts of widespread prostitution, and one depends on working towards rub-down therapy without a license, consistent with digital court docket statistics. Liang did not have a legal professional or contact facts in court statistics.


Liang’s arrest comes much less than every week after police arrested a New York girl for prostitution and acting rub down remedy without licenses at a unique rubdown parlor in Severn Park. In 2018, police arrested people from New York and Maryland in prostitution busts at rubdown parlors or spas in Linthicum and Glen Burnie in January, April, and November. There are many types of massage, each with its benefits to relieve stress and pain or enhance general wellbeing. Massage is an ancient art with many variations depending on the country of origin. I explore some of the most popular, explaining the treatment and its benefits.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage, the most popular worldwide, is also known as ‘Classic massage’ and is the foundation for most other types of Western massage. It involves using firm but gentle pressure to promote relaxation and working on areas of specific muscle tension. It is performed on bare skin using oils or lotions. The therapist uses their hands, forearms, or elbows to manipulate the superficial layers of the muscles. Swedish massage shortens recovery time from muscular strain by flushing the tissues of lactic acid, uric acid, and other metabolic wastes by increasing the oxygen level in the blood; it increases the speed at which body cells can eliminate their waste materials.

The five basic strokes of Swedish massage include:

  • Effleurage (sliding or gliding)
  • Petrissage (kneading)
  • Tapotement (rhythmic tapping)
  • Friction (cross fiber)
  • Vibration/shaking

Deep Tissue Massage

As the name implies, Deep Tissue Massage focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue. Unlike Swedish massage, which is used for relaxation, deep tissue massage focuses on a specific problem, such as Chronic pain. It treats the connective tissue of the body rather than just the surface muscles. It is similar to Swedish massage but with slower movements and deeper pressure. Deep tissue massage helps to refresh and relax muscles, increasing the blood flow and, therefore, the oxygen flow around the body. A deep tissue massage is prolonged, using long, flowing strokes to ease in and out of the muscle. Deep tissue massage aims not to leave you feeling relaxed and blissful; rather, it helps to tackle particular physical and muscular problems to relieve pain and restore normal movement.