Woman’s undertaking to shut down massage parlors worried in human trafficking


In Durham, the Neon Moon rubdown parlor turned into a close down in April following two-year human trafficking research. One Durham lady says there are nevertheless numerous different rub-down parlors promoting sexual favors in the city. Thursday afternoon, that lady went earlier than the metropolis council with her plan to give up to the intercourse trade. According to the National Human Trafficking Hotline, in 2017, there have been 221 stated cases of human trafficking in our nation, putting North Carolina eighth out of all 50 states for human trafficking.

“My plea is to specially create a sufferer-focused systematic technique to once and for all shut down the illicit rub-down corporations in Durham, which might be a front for larger prepared human trafficking jewelry,” Molly Stillman said in front of the Durham City Council Thursday. Stillman sits on the board of Shield North Carolina, an anti-human trafficking employer-based totally out of Apex.

“I believe that it’s time for us to prevent speak me approximately it and do something,” Stillman said.
Stillman says human trafficking is often occurring right beneath our noses. A massage parlor busted for human trafficking in April was inside the equal buying middle as the Durham police department’s substation. “The standard public may not know that that location right next door to the restaurant that they love is a human trafficking ring,” stated Stillman.


Deputies arrested the owner of Neon Moon in addition to two other buddies they accept as true with were a part of the human trafficking ring. Law enforcement databases describe one of the guys, Quan Chun Li, as “A known Chinese mafia accomplice trafficking girls in from New York.” None of the girls who labored as masseuses at Neon Moon has been arrested or charged. The sheriff’s workplace instructed us they’re taken into consideration victims and that they’d alternatively offer them help, which is precisely what Stillman is fighting for.

“For lots of years, there’s been this lifestyle of its a form of like an elbow, a nudge where we say, ‘Oh you’re gonna move get a rub down with a happy ending.’ Well, the truth is the women running in those rubdown parlours, they may be trafficking victims, and we want to see them as such,” Stillman said. “They are not prostitutes.”

The Neon Moon Spa in Durham is close down. However, Stillman says she is privy to 5 other rubdown parlors selling intercourse in Durham. “Some red flags to look for would be hours of operation, are they running seven days per week, 12-14 hours an afternoon? Does it appear that it’s a bit secretive? Do they lock the door behind customers that walk in?”

Stillman has prepared a subsequent assembly week with Durham police, the SBI, the district lawyer, and service companies to develop a strategic plan to not handiest end human trafficking but offer assistance for the victims. “We may want to cross into these locations, and we could close them down and get the ladies out, but then what next for them? In several instances this is their refuge, that is their food, this is their slight source of earnings,” Stillman defined. “So, we need to provide an opportunity for them so that they don’t simply come to be right back wherein they commenced.”

Establishments that offer massage and bodywork therapy services to the public are required to hire the handsiest persons licensed in North Carolina as rub down and bodywork therapists. LGBTs are licensed with the aid of the North Carolina Board of Massage and Bodywork Therapy. Still, the establishments in which massage and bodywork therapy services are furnished are not presently licensed with the aid of the Board.

Charles Wilkins with the North Carolina Board of Massage and Bodywork Therapy says in 2017, the Legislature gave the North Carolina Board of Massage and Bodywork Therapy the authority to license institutions that provide rubdown and bodywork therapy offerings to the general public. However, the licensure of establishments by the North Carolina Board of Massage and Bodywork Therapy has no longer long gone into impact.

Wilkins says in 2018, the Board developed guidelines to implement the licensure procedure for institutions. Still, those regulations were objected to, and that they now should visit the North Carolina legislature before they can go into effect. He says this is presently happening.

Wilkins additionally says numerous illegitimate; illicit establishments advertise “rubdowns” that provide offerings with the aid of folks who aren’t licensed LGBTs. Some of these agencies are presupposed to offer sexual offerings, and they’re provided by way of non-licensed persons who may also be sufferers of human trafficking. The Durham sheriff’s office says its investigation into illegal sexual activity at rub-down parlors is ongoing. Durham police say their special victims unit is likewise running to combat human trafficking.